Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mommy Must Have - Soft, WAHM custom cloth diapers:

Cloth diapers are not only eco-friendly, they are fun AND functional. Cloth diapers come in a variety of options. From the old-school flats or prefolds to today's waterproof all in ones... There really are endless options.

Five years ago I bought my first cloth diaper. In fact, cloth diapering was one of my first parenting decisions. I wasn't sure if I'd breastfeed, but I knew I'd use cloth. My skin is sensitive and I wanted to put the best on my baby's bottom!

I purchased a variety of diapers and one of the first was from Kiera at Made with Love Diapers. I loved her options and I loved that I was supporting another mom with my purchase. It has been just over 4.5 years since I purchased a diaper from her and she's a maker I've come to trust. I like to order diapers for pregnant friends (who are open to cloth, and I generally assume everyone can use a few back up, just in case!), and Made with Love Cloth Diapers are some of the top ones.

Made with Love Cloth Diapers really are great - lots of options, stylish, and great customer service. 

For one of our lucky Mommy Must Have with Attached Moms winners will get an awesome diaper from Made with Love Cloth Diapers!


One Size Fits Most 10-35 pounds
2 Step Adjustable Rise 
Organic Cotton & Bamboo
Snap In Soaker for Quick Drying
Retail Value $21
Learn more at 

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Marthalynn said...

What a good looking diaper! I love that it is a one-size. I'm considering cloth diapers for my new baby on the way, and these ones look awesome! Thanks for the info.

Chelsea said...

I wish I would have used cloth diapers with all my kids! They are amazing! and these ones look so comfy

Dharper Sails said...

They look so comfy! I cannot wait to start using them.

Domestic Diva said...

Lovely! Thanks for the chance.

lovelydomesticdiva (at) gmail (dot) com

dixiefiddler said...

i would love this diaper...white and one size fits all; how perfect can you get!?!

Leslie said...

I would love to try out one of these cute diapers!

Anonymous said...

Definitely want a few of these in my stash :) I'm hoping to have a little bit of everything by January when my LO gets here in January <3

Leona said...

Have read that bamboo is notably more absorbent than some other materials. Would like to try that out.

judi said...

I would love to try one of these! I'm intrigued by the cotton/bamboo diapers. I haven't tried any with bamboo yet and I've heard really good things about it.

Water Rolls Uphill said...

These are really cute. I love the matched serging and snaps.

jamie Davis said...

oooo it looks so comfortable!