Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Carseats are meant for cars

Please people, keep the bucket carseats in the car. Not only is a young baby at risk for not getting enough oxygen, but your baby CAN DIE, as this 3 month old did.

Do you see the warning listed below in the carseat manual for the popular Graco Snugride. This is in all tested carseats - you're clearly misusing when you place the carrier in a shopping cart. Please, keep your baby safe!

Baby wearing is a great way to not only bond, but keep your baby SAFE and your hands still free to do your shopping or even hug your other children.


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Jamie said...

Amen!! I get so nervous when I see someone do that! Especially when they walk away from the cart. It's so much easier (and lighter) just to carry your baby in your arms. Leaving them in there is really terrible for their head/skull development as well.