Monday, April 30, 2012

And to end Cesarean Awareness Month - doctor against medical advice, faces CPS

I've posted how my son's birth (VBAC, vaginal birth after cesarean) was both liberating and trying. I had to sign a paper indicating I understand I was going against medical advice (where the nurse went ahead and told me, in labor, that my baby could die, but failed to tell me the same risks when I requested an epidural, go figure) when I decided against staying in bed and being constantly monitored.

Could you imagine being a DOCTOR who had to go against medical advice (whose? I mean, that person is a medical doctor as well, right?). In this scenario, a mom wanted a homebirth after cesarean, legal in many states, also in AZ if you have an MD, DO or ND with you, but otherwise currently not with a homebirth midwife), but had to transfer due to other issues. In transferring to a hospital, that mom gave up many rights. And now, she and her husband are at odds with the hospital that he WORKS at and had been chief of staff, for a decision many families make, and we also made. That decision was to not use the vitamin K shot at birth. Like us, the doctor researched and determined that oral vitamin K would be better, since the shot has about 20,000 times the amount needed, assuming there is trauma in the birth, and may increase the risk of getting leukemia, among other issues.. It was something our pediatrician allowed and agreed to and neither I or my husband are medical doctors. CPS was called on this doctor for a decision he and his wife made in health for his family. If he had done the "unethical" thing of transferring care of his wife/son to him, he could have discharged them without issue. But, he went with not treating his family and got this bunch of crap put on him.

Happy Cesarean Awareness Month!

Disclaimer: Cesareans can be life saving, but there's a difference between a stat and emergency cesarean. Don't freak know the facts.

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