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Are you a business looking for places to advertise your service or product? I offer limited ads on my site. In addition, I do reviews but to ensure my blog continues to focus mostly on actual parenting and home topics, I limit the number of reviews and giveaways I have on at any given time.

Why do I limit giveaways and sponsored content? This is best for the readers AND adverisers. When you put your advertising dollars with a blog or page that focuses only on giveaways, your potential viewers/customers are focused only on getting something for free and not on knowing what is actually happening. Having said that, giveaways are a great way to let potential customers know what you have to offer. My site views are located on the bottom of this site. advertising rates as of 9/18.  

Rates subject to change at any time, though paid advertisers will always keep their locked in rate while they are paid and will be notified in advance of any changes so they have the opportunity to update and/or extend their advertisements. 

150x150 ad with link to your site - $10/month or $100/year (paid in advance) 
150x150 Top ad, upper left or right corner - $15/month, or $150/year (paid in advance)
150x300 ads on either side with link to your site - $12/month or $120/year (paid in advance) 
150x600 ads on either side (skyscraper) with link to your site - $17/month or $170/year (paid in advance)

 Add ons: Add flash to any advertisement for $1 per month. 
Update ad to new logo or link, first change free with 6 month+ duration, additional changes or for short-term ads, $3 per change. 
Basic ad design available for $10.

Contact me at amanda.mcmahon @ gmail dot com to discuss adversing. ----  

Giveaways: I will host a giveaway for your natural family-type related business. Contact me for special details and available dates.

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