Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mommy Must Have: Mama Cloth with MotherMoonPads

I know many of my readers use cloth diapers on their baby's bottoms. They do it for the environment. They do it for the cost savings. They do it because they are weary of chemicals in paper diapers. They do it because of convenience.

Did you know, mama cloth is a great option for women today? What's that? Yes, MotherMoonPads is one option for today's woman who wants convenience, comfort and a more environmentally friendly option for their periods.

The pads are comfortable, easy to wash and come in a variety of sizes to have adequate coverage.

MotherMoonPads is giving away a starter set to one of our readers!

It includes 1, 8" pantyliner, 1, 10" normal flow pad, and 1, 12" heavy flow pad, perfect for those just starting out and not sure about committing to cloth as well as those who need a small boost to their cloth stash.

Pantyliners are approximately 2.5" wide when snapped
Normal Flow Pads are approximately 2.5-2.75" wide when snapped.
Heavy Flow Pads are approximately 2.75" wide when snapped.

The mama cloth pads are topped with cotton velour and are backed with anti-pill fleece to protect you against leaks.

You will receive the exact pad set shown. It is in stock, and ready to ship (as is everything else in my store!) Please note that both the front and the back of the pads are pictured.

Benefits of MotherMoonPads™:

MotherMoonPads™strives to create high quality, yet affordable products that will last you for years to come!
I only use the highest quality fabrics, such as organic bamboo velour, minky, cotton velour, zorb, and anti pill fleece.
All fabrics are prewashed so your pads come ready to use and won't shrink in the wash!
All winged pads close with professionally applied KAM snaps
All edges are serged
All pads are backed with polyester fleece to protect you from leaks.
Normal, Heavy, and Postpartum pads come with the first letter of their absorbency embroidered onto the wing so you will always know the absorbency of the pad you are grabbing. No more guessing!

How absorbent are MotherMoonPads™?
*Pantyliners are meant for very light days and are trim enough for use as an everyday liner
*Normal flow pads have a Zorb absorbent core, and are meant for most normal days
*Heavy flow pads have an absorbent core of organic bamboo fleece and Zorb. They are meant for most heavy flow days.
*Postpartum flow pads have two layers of Zorb for the absorbent core, and are meant for very heavy days or for postpartum use.

Please review my policies and mama cloth buying guide before making a purchase:

Want to learn more about MotherMoonPads™? Click here!

See what they offer on their etsy site. It may just be the next best thing you never heard about!

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Brooke said...

These pads look like they are very high quality. Would love to try them out!

JR911 said...

Never heard of anything like this, thanks for sharing your review.

Rachel R. said...

I have used cloth on occasion, but have yet to make the switch full-time. (Partly because that requires a full stash.) I really ought to, though, before my daughter is old enough to need these things, so she doesn't get started on the icky bleached paper. :P

Laura Broach said...

I had a hysterectomy before I ever heard of mama cloth, but I am considering it for my daughter who should be starting soon.