Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mommy Must Have: Quality shoes for kiddos - See Kai Run

Some fun shoes and plenty of options
to match any outfit!

Fun, functional and comfy!

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I read somewhere that shoes were not a good idea until around age 1 and walking. Before then, they may be cute, but their feet are still developing and shoes aren't a natural thing for the kids.

However, living in the desert, feet still need covering! That's where soft-soled shoes come into play! My daughter's first shoes are in a memory display, and they were the most beautiful shoes by See Kai Run, from their line "smaller."

I like that they have various types of shoes and so we've pretty much stuck with this brand shoes for both kids. The shoes are cute, functional and the shoe "type" grows with the child's development.

Saving those first "Smaller" shoes by See Kai Run.
In addition they carry some sandles, dressy shoes, "sneakers" and even some boots at times! I love that they keep some classic styles but always have something new out there! Knowing that they change things up, I've even purchased the "same" shoe in two sizes because I loved them so much!

See Kai Run shoes definitely are a "must have" in my book!

They have the "Smaller" line for up to age 24 months and non-walkers

For early walkers their line is called "See Kai Run," and

For Big Kids, they have a nice line and variety of shoes in the line, Kai.

Buy a pair for your little one at See Kai Run.

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Pink shoes can be for sport too!

Comfy cozy athletic shoes for little boys too!


Disclosure: I was given shoes to review in exchange for this post but it does not change my view or impact what I write.


jody cowan said...

Nice photos! I went to the See Kai Run site and i love their shoes! Thanks for the review!

oneluvmama said...

Love these shoes! Great for my toddlers wide feet!

dixiefiddler said...

my girls loves their mama! these are simply beautiful too...we wear stride rites mostly and I have to say, the design and style of these is similar...but up a notch in "stylin!"