Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Know Who You're Dealing WIth with

Parents have a lot to worry about. I remember when we purchased our house three years ago, the big concern was who were our neighbors. We did a search to see who the potential neighbors were based on address, the crime statistics and also basics like sex offender registry.

The next thing parents seem to worry about seems to be child care providers. Not everyone has gramma next door. But then, not only do we need to worry about who is in our home, but who their friends are! We hosted an au pair and had a rule that said only other au pairs were allowed to know our address. Since all au pairs have background checks, this made me feel safe. If you are looking at child care providers and someone doesn't have a background check, what do you do? Search them! A google search won't tell you all the details, but does give you more information - everything from arrest records to reverse phone number search. It is a paid service, but it is worth it. Another nice find from is that it will tell you more about transportable numbers such as Google Voice and many cell phone numbers. Regular free services will not tell you this information.

I received a one month service for free to review and is giving away THREE freebies to three of followers! This isn't one of those giveaways where 100 blogs are promoting it - this is for real readers and for parents who really want to know who they're dealing with - neighbors, friends or may be just for fun!

As always, I only review items that are deemed worthy to my readers and my opinions are entirely my own!

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