Thursday, August 2, 2012

WBW World Breastfeeding Week Facts

Breast is the best choice, most women know that but with huge marketing departments and budgets, formula companies would love for women to NOT know that. In many countries, they are able to legally tell moms otherwise too!

But, the fact is:

Among women who prenatally intended to exclusively breastfeed, more than 85% intended to do so for 3 months or more; however, only 32.4% of mothers achieved their intended exclusive breastfeeding duration.

This is mom's own goals, not some goal by the government or medical association or "crazy" extended breastfeeders like myself.

6 month of only breastfeeding is recommended by major medical societies. One year minimum of any breastfeeding is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and two years is recommended by the World Health Organization. No upper limit is listed by any medical society or La Leche League.

Nursing moms: The best thing YOU can do is breastfeed and help pregnant moms and new moms while they are struggling early on. It isn't easy, and with freebies coming left and right, more moms are bombarded and easily discouraged. While 1-2 percent of women have medical reasons for it not working, most women are not in that category and instead need support and a smile :)

Pregnant women: Get support! Find breastfeeding friendly doctors and pediatricians. Find a Baby Friendly hospital. Know it will likely be tough for the first few weeks! Find a breastfeeding support group like La Leche League. Know your life will change :) Know that a baby's stomach is the size of a marble at birth... so your colostrum is enough!


Sisters 'N Cloth said...

Thanks for linking up with the Breastfeeding Blog Hop! These statistics make me so sad. I hope that as a society we can get to the point where moms who want to breastfeed will have the resources, support, and encouragement to do so! ~Melissa

Melissa Ryan said...

Just stopping by from the Breastfeeding blog hop to say hi and I am your newest follower.

Charis's Mum said...

I think part of the reason breastfeeding is low is because there's so much misinformation out there, even among nurses. Thankfully, the misinformation I've heard is among people who work in CCU, some of my coworkers, but it's still frustrating.

Anonymous said...

I almost gave up breastfeeding a few weeks in, but I knew it was best for my son, so that kept me holding on. I received very little support at the hospital where I gave birth, and the nurses gave me a nipple shield almost immediately instead of helping me with the latch. I think there's still very much a taboo against breastfeeding in the western world. People think it's weird or gross, when in reality it's what breasts are made for.

Lisa said...

I do remember when my grand parents told me about how they were feeding there babys. they were breast feeding them for 3 years. mothers milk always keeps children strong and healthy.11 Weeks Pregnant Facts