Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Necessary for potty learning and EC

Summer is coming to an end for most of the US (I say most because those in the desert SW and deep south probably have another month+ of too much heat).

Many moms want an alternative to stripping off pants quickly for a potty learning or ECing little one. Many move on to leggies, a great option for many times, but, unfortunately, it doesn't cover the bum when the cold weather moves in. And, for me, it means making sure kiddos don't open the door to the UPS man! With EC pants, you get convenience and coverage!

ECWear.com has split pants - what's that? They look almost exactly like regular pants but have a split for easy potty time! That's all of $10 to try them out to see if they're for you! You really can't get regular pants, much less specialty pants at that price! These are testers so she's seeing how they work - but with your feedback you can get $$ back too!

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