Thursday, July 12, 2012

Working moms in AZ - You can cloth diaper

Cloth diaper use in Arizona

Cloth diapering is a lot easier than many think. Most people who first see modern cloth diapers are amazed at the options and opportunities. I know many who do the "old fashioned way" and perfectly content as well (especially with the monetary savings!)

Cloth diapers are great for baby, the environment and the pocketbook!

In a forum recently a mom posted that in AZ you can't use cloth diapers in day care. I immediately thought,  "WHAT!! That isn't true!" But first decided to look it up before posting my thoughts... And I was right. You CAN use cloth diapers in day care.
Here's the actual information from the AZ state code:

3. Soiled cloth diapers or plastic pants from an enrolled child are:
a. If soiled with feces, emptied into a flush toilet without rinsing the cloth diapers or plastic pants;
b. Placed in a plastic bag labeled with an identifier that is specific to the enrolled child;
c. Stored in a waterproof container that is tightly covered and lined with a plastic bag; and
d. Sent home with the enrolled child's parent; and
Soiled disposable diapers and disposable training pants are:
a. Stored in a waterproof container that is tightly covered and lined with a plastic bag; and
b. Removed from the diaper-changing area and discarded in an outside waste receptacle once daily or, if necessary, more often.

What does this mean?

You can cloth diaper in AZ and use regular day care. Any place that tells you otherwise is NOT worth your time and money. Why support a business that refuses to give you the options you are allowed per state law? Why would you give your money to a business who required you to use disposable diapers (assuming disposable diapers are against your beliefs?) Basically, if you regularly use cloth diapers and a day care requires you to buy disposable diapers... they are requiring you to spend even more money per day just to use their service?

If you're worried about increase use of plastic, consider biodegradable bags.

Show them the code, if they do not change their mind, fire them. Feel free to also link that information and report violators here.

So to be clear:

State law allows for cloth diapers to be used in Arizona.

And if you're paying more than $340/week for child care, consider an au pair :)

For more information on daycares and cloth diapers, visit the Real Diaper Association.


Toni said...

my niece just started to use cloth diapers for her daughter and has a baby on the way that she will use cloth for also, she loves them

Stephanie H. said...

I to love cloth diapers I also have found that in Texas people have issue with finding childcare if their baby is in cloth diapers. I helped several friends by sewing up a lot of cloth diapers for a couple of very poor families in my church. We finally were able to get the children into a cloth diaper friendly day care and this is true they save a lot of money.

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