Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mom's Nursing Nook at Children's Museum of Phoenix

Enjoying CMOP at almost a year old. How time flies!
It is hot, sticky and playing inside may just be getting too much for you... Consider the Children's Museum of Phoenix! My kids LOVE CMOP Three floors to learn, explore and enjoy... and I will tell you've I've nursed my kids on each of them.

The Children's Museum is a very breastfeeding friendly location. Some moms want more privacy, or have a child who is easily distracted and so a quiet spot may be necessary to get a nursing session in.

A solution to needing a quiet spot to nurse at the Children's Museum is in order! CMOP wants to create Nursing "snug" spots and needs your help (Click the link to learn more.)

According to Marion Wiener, Director of Marketing and Communications for CMOP, said via email to
All women should breastfeed if they are willing and able. It is undoubtedly probably one of the top 5 best things you can do for your child! After loving, nurturing, caring and loving them some more! Plus, women should all have a private, comfortable space to breastfeed when they are in public spaces. And it would be the Museum’s honor to be able to provide that for our breastfeeding visitors. 

Even if you can't donate to this cause, consider passing along the information to others. Awareness and acceptance of breastfeeding helps us all.


Seyma Bennett Shabbir said...

Nice they have this option. Most places do not have a comfortable place to nurse.

carolaontour said...

We recently visited the Children's Museum in Boston. We spend most of the time in the toddler section since that was the appropriate part of the museum for my little one (the oldest of the three cousins). When my SIL needed to nurse/pump they had a small room with a glider and curtains available for her. It wasn't the best design for the curtains, but I think, she really appreciated the separate space.
I don't know if they have more of these spaces on the other levels of the museum ... we never got there. :)

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