Saturday, July 21, 2012

One more update - It isn't about winning

I read through all the comments and while I did not make a call to action, the fact is, I am a small blog, much smaller than the ones I chose to unfollow due to the Nestle and Enfamil "freebies" that are being advertised.

I don't want anyone to think that my goal is to make moms who either could not breastfeed or didn't have the support to breastfeed feel that they're any less. The GOAL is to ensure that moms know their options and that YES the "bags" at the hospital work... that's why the formula companies have them. That's why there are a multitude of non-profits, small mama groups, etc who are doing their best to ensure women have access to Baby Friendly Hospitals. Even with that, in the US, the initiatives are slightly different than those in the rest of the world.

I know at least one blogger or blogger fan out there will say YES WE WON. That's fine. I'm not in it to win, be popular or the like. If one person out there decided that they'd investigate more on the marketing tactics or became more aware of the WHO code for the marketing of breast milk substitutes, then I am happy  just as much as those who "won" are.

The REAL posts on the COMPANIES who are using moms to market for them.

Again, I'm willingly taking down the list of blogs I've personally unfollowed - because to the commenters - It isn't about those bloggers - it is about the companies USING moms to do their marketing because like "formula bags" in the hospital, mom-based marketing works. And, they know it... that's why they do it!

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