Saturday, July 21, 2012

To fellow bloggers and their fans

I've had a post up for a while regarding Mom Blogs that I have personally unfollowed due to promotion of formula companies. My comment remains the same:

The point of this is not the bloggers but Nestle and other companies - they break the WHO code and use bloggers and especially coupon sites to continue breaking the WHO code. Read more about it online, off of this site, just google "NESTLE + WHO CODE" or "NESTLE + SALES DOCTORS" you'll see that this is a large issue and we've been Nestle' free for almost 3 years now... And I'm not alone in this. It has been happening for over 30 years. Read more here or here.

Formula is at times necessary, I do understand that. But, Enfamil and Nestle are both knowingly breaking WHO code. I love my fellow bloggers, but I do not like the tactics used to encourage women to not make their own goals.

Here's the link to the actual post for those interested in actually reading the reasoning behind the post. I do not link to anyone's blog. I do not make a call to action. I merely list ones that I personally have followed and due to formula companies tactics to find ways to encourage US as bloggers to assist them in their against World Health Organization Code, I personally choose to not follow those blogs.

We each have our journey and my journey includes finding ways to support women in their own personal goals. If their goal does not include breastfeeding, they are welcome to make that choice. But the choice should be an informed one. Not one skewed by marketing tactics that were created because Nestle, for example, would dress SALES people up as doctors and nurses and hand out samples of formula to women who could not afford to purchase more... that sample would last long enough for a woman to lose her supply... These women often don't have access to safe water either.

THAT is what I don't support. I understand that this isn't common knowledge. It is documented and the reason why the WHO code indicates that formula companies shouldn't give samples or market directly to women. But they do... and now they use bloggers and people with coupon sites as well to get their message out.


Chrissie said...

I love when those who are against breastfeeding say, "you are free to make the choice to use formula, as long as it is an informed choice". What makes you think it isn't? Why must women who are anti-formula always think those of us who used formula did so completely ignorant?

Furthermore, if you loved your fellow bloggers, you would not put a childish post up listing who you are unfollowing. You would be mature, quietly unfollow them and move on.

Chrissie said...

You should also be aware, that while I was on the "blacklisted bloggers" post, your google adsence had ENFIMIL formula coupons/ads. Irony at it's finest.

Amanda McMahon said...

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