Sunday, June 3, 2012

Yarn and fiber store - I Love LOCAL

I was searching for local stores and came across a post for City Girl's CSA Fiber Farm on a website that advertises local. I love the idea of local fiber shares from animals you know are treated well. Not only is that great for the animals, but it leads to great fiber for knitting, crocheting or felting.

Not only is the lady behind this AWESOME idea for the Phoenix/Scottsdale AZ area doing these shares, she also has good ol' online yarn store, One Planet Yarn and Fiber! She also has her own patterns, including this Swirl Pattern Baret!

She's also on Ravelry, be sure to join her group (which is a high point entry as well in the rafflecopter!)

yarn for spinning
Local yarn ready for spinning
I was able to test some fiber for spinning. I used a hand spindle and spun a small amount and compared it to spinning the small amount you can buy (read: super expensive) from Joanns and this was so much softer. Of course it was undyed so the chemical processing of the "big box store" stuff lost its softness there as well.

One Planet also offers your own dyes, so you can order say undyed fiber for spinning and the dyes to make it your own. They also offer prespun yarns - everything from Alpaca to Merino to O-Wool to Vivace and so much more. Their selection is just about endless for the yarn and fiber lover. Get some ideas for some cloth covers with their extensive selection of colors in their yarns! SO beautiful, SOOOO soft!

Please check out One Planet Yarn and Fiber for your next yarn or needle or other accessory purchase.

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Karen Hewitt said...

who would you get this book for? - my bff

Amanda McMahon said...

I didn't realize I didn't update the comment :) Done now :)

stacie said...

i love hand spun yarn! It is soooo luxurious!

stacie said...

I forgot to write me! in front of that LOL

Melissa said...

LOL I would use the gift card, I'm a yarny ;)

Melissa said...

LOL I would use the gift card, I'm a yarny ;)

Chelsea @ said...

Me :-)

Mary said...

I would use the gift card!! haha but i'd probably make things for other people. i do like to give hand knit gifts.

Unknown said...

I would use the GC for some beautiful yarn!

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