Saturday, June 2, 2012

My kids are hilarious - jokes by a 1 year old and more

When we were driving back from a trip to San Diego earlier this year, my son, who wasn't even two, was entertaining himself in the car seat.

"Thank you, Thank you...."

< pause >



To a 23 month old that is some hilarious talk!


Stand up comedian in the house!

Now today, we had another joke come through....

As my son was running around saying "choo-CHOO, choo-CHOOO," we realize it has been a while since he went potty... So, my lovely husband asks him to go sit on the potty... He kept running around acting like a train.

So, my 4 year old daughter pipe in and says,"Dadda do you know anything about trains?" 

My husband says "yes" 

To which she replies "well then you should know trains don't go potty."

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