Friday, June 15, 2012

Night 12 and 13 of Night weaning a 2 year old, gently

So we're still without parental back up on the night weaning cause (see post one on the topic here). We get most of our night weaning "support" from Dr. Jay Gordon, who indicates daddy (or partner) has to be the person who helps the nursing mama get through this time. Well we had that at first, but the 2 year old is still waking and we don't plan to give up the cause just because life means daddy has to travel.

The fact remains that we're trying to gently night wean our toddler without changing up the family bed dynamics. We do have a toddler bed in the master bedroom and our 4 year old decides on a nightly basis where she's sleeping (generally in her own room)... but we don't want the 2 year old to wake up the 4 year old for obvious reasons.

On night 12, I had both kids in the master bedroom because we were all slightly under the weather. Tylenol and some homeopathic for me, the kids had some Cina for cough and restlessness for the kids as well as a dose of rescue remedy for my daughter who was having some knee pain.

Night 13... my 4 year old fell asleep before 9 pm... but the other kiddo... well... he was wide awake still at 11 pm! I almost took out a video camera for everyone to witness his cuteness. I was too tired though! He kept telling me all the people/things/items in nature who were sleeping... meanwhile not sleeping himself!

At one point, I told him, "buggu, mama is SOOOO sleepy, let's go night-night." HE looked at me, kissed my cheek and said, "ok" - but no luck, he was up for another half hour after that :)

On to night 14!

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