Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cell phone notification to correct car seat issues

Ten years ago, I became a certified child passenger safety technician. It was pre-kids and part of my work with AmeriCorps. It opened my eyes to just how WRONG most of us are when securing kids. It isn't just a buckle. It isn't just a cool looking seat. It is safety.

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My 2 year old is rear facing and will be for quite a while. My daughter was turned forward at 3 years 8 months. I don't mind being called the crazy car seat lady.

I was excited to come across this press release today. What's that? Your phone can help tell if your carseat is in wrong. Since upwards of 90% of children are incorrectly secured in vehicles, this is HUGE.

First Years True Fit Convertible Car Seat will notify you via smart phone app if:
  • Rides in a rear facing position not installed at the desired angle 
  • Becomes unbuckled while the vehicle is in motion 
  • Is left in the car seat when the vehicle is not in motion 
  • Is at risk due to elevated or freezing ambient temperature in the car seat 

It will be available fall of this year. 


femmefrugality said...

I would totally buy this. How is it on Amazon if it hasn't come out yet? Or is it just the app that has yet to come out....

Amanda McMahon said...

app one isn't out yet