Friday, June 15, 2012

Uh oh - Night 14 of Gently Night Weaning a 2 year old

We had one night left remaining until my husband would be home and we'd go back to something closer to normalcy. The kids miss daddy and I definitely notice the difference in them while he's gone. Plus, having a partner makes a huge difference! (start at night one if this is your first visit)

As I wrote earlier, my son hasn't been going to sleep very early and I'm exhausted. I hadn't yet put dinner away and got  lucky and our au pair came home and wanted to take a walk. She decided to take my son along - it was around 10 pm. That walk enabled me to put dinner away (and drop a huge package of Smart Balance buttery spread all over), and he fell asleep! WOO!

The sleeping boy - he's been fighting off naps too :) Love his You Tell 'Em shirt. Fitting for his cause :)

After some issues with our cat tonight (being especially nippy and really putting her claws into our furniture), I was really up for being able to relax. I had a few things to get done, including refilling the humidifier, but finally went off to sleep myself. Well that lasted until around 3:30 when suddenly he woke coughing. Tired as I was... I nursed him. UGHHHHH. I made the decision when I realized it to unlatch him. He was NOT happy with that. I tried to gently (and extremely exhausted-ly) remind him that we all needed sleep. After around 5 minutes of patting and cuddling, he went back to sleep. I slipped out of bed to use the restroom and he woke screaming again. The cycle lasted probably another 30 minutes....

Note to self, wear duct tape during the night weaning process. 

Luckily my husband is back and he can help out again... lest I forget we're night weaning!

On to Night fifteen.

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