Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Many words for Wednesday - cesarean awareness month

Apparently an unbiased VBAC consent form.

I wonder how many first time moms, in their excitement to meet their baby are talked into a cesarean, or scared into one by indicating that baby was in distress, and later talk about their emergency cesarean.

How many later find out that their cesarean was unnecessary.

Almost every time I hear a woman say she had to have an "emergency" cesarean, I wonder. Was it emergency or STAT?

A third of babies in the US are now born via surgery. Many women believe, once a cesarean, always a cesarean.

Many doctors believe the same.

Even with the facts and information that women should be given a trial of labor option for a VBAC. However, are physicians even being trained to prevent original cesareans? Why are more "low risk" women having cesareans?

Why are women being cut up so often?

Why are women told they don't have to be "strong" and give birth naturally? Why can't women be empowered?

Why is America's maternal health rates so low?

If more healthy babies is not the outcome of more cesareans, why are we having so many cesareans? Is it just money?

How I wish I had a home birth or even a doula my first time around.

How happy I am that I had the birth experience with my daughter, so I could grow so much, and successfully have a VBAC, 51 weeks ago, with the birth of my son.

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