Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mutterings of a loving parent

... you can't teach respect by demanding it. You can't teach self-discipline by spanking. You can guide by giving choices. Children live what they learn. They can't learn to love by being singled out and sent away when they're "bad." Children can learn resentment when we think we're teaching them cooperation. Children can define themselves by the words we mutter beneath our breath. Be not afraid of loving your child. Stick by them, get to know them. Ask them questions and foster their curiosity.

It may be hard, but they're always growing. Always watching. Always learning.

What are you teaching when you think you're just exhausted?

What are you learning as you parent each day?


Jamie said...

So very true!

Betsy Dewey said...

Well! You've got a new fan - Me! I love your style and will help spread the word...

Betsy Dewey

You and your fans might appreciate this:

Amanda said...

Thanks Betsy!