Monday, April 4, 2011

Cows to make human milk: engineers need to know when to stop

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At least the cow is babywearing.... I never claimed to be an artist, so this is my best attempt. Please don't steal, link back.
I admitted to my husband today that I have a deep, dark secret. I hate engineers and scientists. Yes, he’s a scientist/engineer. I really don’t understand why “these people” need to fix things that aren’t problems. I guess their minds just think that way. Yes, this post is getting into something parenting-related. Yes, I am back to ranting.

Here it is. Rather than spend money supporting breastfeeding, breastfeeding research, lessening the costs of donor milk through milk banks to make it to fragile babies who need the nutrients, engineers have decided to engineer cows in such a way that they can healthier milk: human milk.

What the f*ck?

I’m not big into swearing but this deserves it. Yes, why the H-E-double hockey sticks do we need to cross human genes with cow genes so that we get HUMAN milk from cows? We now have 300 cows in Europe who are some-how making human milk.
This is allowed but in so many locations around the world, we can’t have raw cow milk? We can’t share OUR milk, but we can get it from a friggen cow? I’d love to know who the money is behind this one: formula makers? Yes, I hope that when my daughter starts reading, she reads Nestle and automatically says “kills babies” – but this? I don’t even know what to say.

Why have mothers? We have play pens, bouncers, and cows that make human milk. Oh and don’t forget the big hand that “comforts” the baby. But who needs comfort, let’s just let the babies cry MOO for the cow to give them some of that lovely, white good stuff.

/end rant. For now.


Kylie Worthington said...

*Shakes head* This is INSANE.

Megan Eccles said...

I was JUST reading an article about this the other day! When will our scientific community learn that they can't play God?

Love Letters 7.10

Malia said...

oh wow! that's crazy...