Sunday, April 3, 2011

Finding local fun

Most of my posts center around either "facts and descriptions" or rants. This one is a bit more up-beat, I suppose. One part of parenting is finding that thing that keeps your family moving. In these days, we often are overwhelmed by technology: You may have computers (thank you for reading this blog!), TiVo, gaming systems, ipads, handheld reading divices and more. The list for "things" we have in our homes that prevent us from really engaging our children would probably be longer: bouncers, jumpers, cradles, cribs, swings, gates, talking toys, handheld gaming systems....

Riding a big kid bike at the local Children's Museum.
To have that bond with your children, you really need to get to know them. Play with them, let them take the lead. Don't use "there's nothing to do" or "the weather here sucks to go out doors" as excuses. That's what they are. They aren't reasons, afterall. Instead, find that something that you all can enjoy and interact. Find something outide your comfort zone even. Try something new!

Today we were able to spend a three hours at our local children's museum. It was a good time for both kids, and I found out that in the past three weeks my 3-year-old has grown enough to now be the "driver" on the big kids bikes! My 11-month-old was able to interact a bit with some other "babies" and loved walking through the "carwash" because there was a drying station where a fan blew his hair crazy. These are the moments that help you bond and get to know your children.

Crawl on the floor with them. Go on a bug hunt. Head to the park. Make a fort. Grab a guitar and pretend to play if you can't and have a jam session. Let it go, be free and have fun!


Little Dimples said...

I <3 this st, it is so true I find the best time I have daily is running/ crawling after my screaming laughing baby girl:) I really enjoy ur blog and love that there are other people that live a life that I strive to live.

Amanda said...

Thank you so much for finding us! I'm glad you're enjoying time with your girl!