Friday, March 25, 2011

sexualization of young kids

This post isn't directly related to attachment parenting, but it definitely has something to do with parenting in general.

There's a theory/thought that today's children (especially) are getting older, younger. We expect more from the kids, but marketing is also placing pressure on kids to grow up: be it through some indirect things like tweens watching rated R movies, or direct, like padding bras for children. Yes, children.

abercrombie (note the small "A", as in their children's brand) now is making and marketing padded bikinis. WHAT THE HELl!?!

Heck, they're even trying to put it at a lower price as we enter into bathing suit season:

Example here:
82%nylon/18% spandex, all-over moose print, classic triangle top, lightly lined, classic fit, imported

Yes, they're calling them "lightly lined" but really... it is padding. Yep, padding for your 8 or 10 year old.

What the hell are we doing to our kids? If you can do anything - here is their contact page.

Be sure to let them know their brands will not be getting your money while they're sexualizing our children and tweens. Let kids be kids, not sex objects!

... and we wonder why people refuse to believe that boobs are for babies!

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Steph said...

Hear Hear! I left my rant on Facebook but needed to show my support!