Saturday, March 26, 2011

A follow up to the abercrombie and fitch padded bikini for kids as young as 6

So here we have two "popular" brands for elementary-aged kids and tweens. One is made by abercrombie and fitch and the other by the brand Justice. Note the a&f one appears slightly puffier on the top. Not a huge deal, right? It is probably the angle of the photo (let's not get into even why the marketing person would have angled it that way, right? let's assume they didn't know it was made for young kids.)

Now let's look at two bikinis here. One is for an adult, one is for a child. Again. measurements for the smallest size of the kid's bikini are a "bust" of 27.5''. The largest is for a 32'' bust. I'll give abercombie the fact that yes, a 32'' bust could be a 16 year old girl, whose parents may have been able to talk to her previously about what clothes may attract various attention.

Can anyone explain to me WHY the kid's one is PADDED but the adults'' one isn't?

And for those interested (from - 27.5'' chest is between a children's size 6-8. Yep, around second grade, younger perhaps considering our children are often an "age" above their size these days. Absolutely disgusting. I don't see anyway around this padding of bikinis for young kids. What the hell are we teaching kids if this is seen as okay?

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