Thursday, September 17, 2009

tandem nursing

V will be around 26 month old when new baby arrives. This is a bit of a concern for me because I know the importance of breastfeeding and I know that some babies will wean during pregnancy. V, however, is very much a boob junkie and it will take a lot to get her to stop, so that, at least, lends me some comfort.

I have come across a few people (mostly family) who've said "so I guess this means you need to wean" or "how are you going to nurse BOTH?" - well um, I do have two boobies. V will continue to nurse as long as she needs. I realize that some women do have nipple pain while pregnant, but I plan to work through it. When something is uncomfortable, I hope to have some comfort from the whole "this to shall pass" mentality, though, I'm being honest in saying - I'm not there yet, so we shall see. In the mean time she's still getting her mama's milk and she will as long as she needs it. We have our first OB appointment next week and based on information I've read, OBs aren't educated on the topic, so I won't be taking their advice on weaning, if that is their recommendation. Afterall, nipple stimulation issues regarding pregnancy just are unfounded and it isn't an issue until 3rd trimester, if at all. Most of what I have read is that if you aren't on restriction from sex there's no reason to assume you can't breastfeed.

Here are a few links of interest regarding tandem nursing.

Kelly Mom's resources. Love Kelly Mom!
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I have this book on the way (well actually it is waiting for me at Barnes and Noble)
Adventures in Tandem Nursing
Breastfeeding During Pregnancy and Beyond
by Hilary Flower


Rachel said...

I obviously am an advocate for extended nursing, I will say that through out this pregnancy so far (and I am almost 18 weeks) I havent had 'any' nipple pain, and I still have milk. Most people I have talked to say it 'changes' at 20 weeks, so we will see then... but so far so good, ALso Scarlett was a boob junkie too, and now only nurses maybe twice a day... but she is older than V.
Just thought I would let you know my expedience(so far)because you either hear nothing Or horror stories.... love you guys!

Trista said...

congrats!! i nursed while preg and now i am tandem nursing. i had some discomfort but it was better than screaming/crying. you'll do fine! mine are now 29 mos and 4 mos :]

Amanda said...

Thanks ladies for your support!