Thursday, September 17, 2009

moving on up

So we had our home insprection today. Looks like I need to educate myself on SCORPIONS! Ugh. I saw a few and the home inspector saw 12. Luckily all dead. So this entire time I thought the home was 4 bedrooms but it really is 3 plus an office. It has a large front room area that most would use as a formal eating area but really it will probably be a kids play area for us. I'm just wondering where I'm going to put all my sewing stuff. I was looking forward to have a dedicated room. Inspection went pretty well - a few things to be done, but we're going to ask the bank to work on two of them (it is a bank owned home) - fix the AC that is broken and fix the spring on the garage door opener. We'll do the rest. No pool but there's room for one to be put in, or we can do an above ground one.

Closing date is October 15. We have packing to do (and decluttering!)

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