Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Protecting the Gift

We have a new nanny/mom’s helper. Since they do not have a car I pick up the mom and her 2 year old every day. We advised them in advance to buy a carseat for transprotation, which they did. Of course, they came with the cheapest carseat, but it works and it fits in our seat. I showed her how to use it and rethread the straps so her child would fit properly in it. Coming from India, the use of carseats is not common, afterall.
My mother in law does not see why a carseat is that necessary. While I understand her point of view– they don’t use them there and it isn’t law – I don’t agree with her point. V is around 19 pounds and 19 months. In the upcoming months she’ll hit that 20 pound mark but she will still be rear-facing. Her Britax Marathon rear faces to 35 pounds and she’s no where near the rear facing height limit.
I’ve (attempted) to imbed a video here and highly recommend all who are reading this blog take three minutes and watch the video. The tag line is this:
Rear facing: cast it
Forward facing: casket.
Education gives us knowledge. Here’s your opportunity to learn more about why it is important for a child to be rear facing, even if it means their feet tough the seat. If you’re worried about dirt, take their shoes off (and I’d love to see how much your house keeper is charging you, lol).
Extended rear facing: protect the gift.

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Amanda said...

As an update - V is now 27 months old and happily still rear facing in her Britax marathon.

Amanda said...

37 months and still rear facing :)