Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Where is my freedom?

I sometimes ponder what freedom really means in these United States.

All too often, I hear people wanting to come to the US because of their desire for freedom. Before I was a parent, I understood them and their desire to be here and have more rights. 

I no longer understand what freedom is in the US. I no longer believe that we have rights.

I have the freedom to choose my religion.

My husband barely has the right to not be religious.

I have the freedom to send my child to a public school to be educated.

I seem to not have the right to prevent my children from being restrained since in my state there are no regulations on restraints and seclusion.

What is happening in this free nation?

We are bombarded with media. We are indoctrinated with health messages that are really advertisements by big business.

I don't have the freedom to choose to not have genetically modified food since I have no right to know what items are modified. 

I don't have the freedom to nurse my child where I choose. We've been told that breasts are sexual and that breastfeeding, if done at all, should be done in hiding and should not be comfort and definitely not after a child can "ask" for it. After all, no one makes money off me breastfeeding.

I don't have the freedom to choose not to inject my child with known carcinogens in many places in the United States. I barely have the right to question a doctor and ask, "if vaccines work then why do we see vaccinated individuals falling to these diseases?" 

I don't have the freedom to even birth my child as I choose. Why don't I have the right to fully informed consent?

Where is my freedom and why was I so naive? 

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