Monday, September 10, 2012

Reminder - Label requirements for soaps, not necessary

Have you ever purchased a new soap or cleaning product only to find yourself with red splotches a few days later? You may be able to narrow down WHICH product is causing the irritation, but shouldn't we inflamed to know that there are no requirements for companies to tell us WHAT they are putting into their products?

The Environmental Working Group sent out a great reminder today and I'd love to reiterate that there are potential dangers hiding in your every day soaps.

Check out how to DECODE potential labels, since government doesn't require proper labeling of ingredients.

Read their report on cleaners and find out which may be best for your family.

For example, they give 7th Generations Natural Toilet Bowl cleaner an "A" rating and then goes into detail, item by item, as to what causes for concern their could be.


Greener Mommy said...

Could you post a link to that? I'd love to check it out!

Amanda McMahon said... But it is also linked in the story. Sometimes, especially on phones and tablets the links don't show very well. Sorry!