Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Toddlers in the ring: Daycare or nanny cams?

So admittedly, I'm a bit paranoid of regular day care. One because the workers aren't there for longevity, often have little to know background in child development/psychology and the germs. Anyway, we did the private nanny bit and then to the au pair route. Definitely preferred the au pair route, but it isn't for everyone.

But for those who do day care, or even if you use in home care... what to do you to know that your children are safe? Not just cared for... but safe? I mean, we can ask for their license to do child care, ask about certification of the workers... but I surely doubt any of the parents in this Delaware day care expected that their three year olds would be pit against each other and encouraged to fight! Then you see random people posting to watch your kids... how do you know they won't be MOMS who try to get a viral video of your kid and their kid duking it out, like this CafeMom article described?

Here's my thought:

  • If you can afford it, have care in your home.
  • Get nanny cams
    • notify the person doing care that you have them but NOT where they are.
  • See a background check
  • Check out their personality profile if you can
  • Have a family guidebook
    • your company has a handbook you have to follow, why shouldn't the person caring for your children have to follow one?

I mean really... why do we even have to worry about these things?

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