Friday, August 24, 2012

Nestle taken to court in India for improper marketing of infant formula

Nestle is still at their same tactics - wanting to gain market share and make money (they are a for profit company after all!) they are doing whatever it takes to market artificial breast milk substitutes to women.

I saw this come through my news feed recently:

Nestlé is in court in India for breaking baby milk marketing rules and formula was seized by the Indian Food and Drug Administration this month (August 2012) for breaking labelling requirements.
NestlĂ©'s response? Cause-related marketing, pushing its infant nutrition business and trying to improve its image by launching public events on the first 1000 days of life!

How is Nestle Failing babies? They are failing to:

Print: "Mother's Milk is best for your baby" (they used a variation) and also they failed to have it in the Hindi script!! They also failed to write "Infant milk substitute or infant food is not the sole nourishment for an infant." They also failed to have this on print magazine advertisements. Sorry this is not a random omission - Nestle is known for horrible tactics against women and their babies and such a large company should know how to verify marketing laws!

Yes, this is an old case, that just still hasn't been settled, but slow to settle cases are common in India (unfortunately).

This Atlantic article regarding malnutrition is nice - let's solve malnutrition issues in India. Not by introducing more high cost formula but by, #1 supporting breastfeeding!

First and foremost, women should not be directly marketed to!

Support LLL India or an organization such as Breastfeeding Promotion Network of India.

Now remember, if a mom cannot afford formula, and may not have access to safe water... how does pushing formula help the baby?  In the mean time, this past week Danone is set to enter the market in India: India's infant nutrition sector is expanding rapidly and it is set to have a new entrant -

Last week, the French food group struck a deal to buy the nutrition business of local company Wockhardt Group, a move that means it will compete head on market leader Nestle.

Per the Just-Food website: "With over 25m children born each year, India is the fastest-growing infant nutrition market in the world," Danone said of the entire market beyond just infant formula, which mimics breast milk and is aimed at 0 to 12 month olds.

This must be stopped. Women of India, like women in the rest of the world, need support in breast feeding NOT more formula that they may not be able to afford.

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