Saturday, August 25, 2012

Marketing through desensitizing

2012-08-25_111529The reason companies have marketing departments is because marketing works. It works well. It is also known that to try something new you need either trust it will work or discounts.

Multiple studies have shown that, when we market formula to women directly, breast feeding rates decrease and the length of breastfeeding decreases. And, in spite of WHO code requesting no discounts or direct marketing to moms, companies continue to do so.

Similac, due to their lovely partnerships with most state's WIC programs, has market corner in the US. But now to help women recognize their brand early on, similac now offers prenatal vitamins.

Complete with coupon.

Brand recognition.

Brand loyalty.

"I trusted this company while pregnant, they must be good for my baby too." Especially when sales people have titles like "Nutrition officer"... we have to wonder about the information we receive.

Nestle is doing a similar thing with "nestle milk" in India complete with an idyllic upper class woman with a comforting song enjoying milk in their commercial. Formula companies see India as the future for their profits (China has fewer children on the way, and they already have a lot of formula fed babies)... But, the US still has money to be made, especially since WIC allows formula companies to make money off of non-breast feeders

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