Thursday, July 5, 2012

Waterbirth in the Keweenaw, now an option

Yay! While they're a VBAC ban location, perhaps they'll have fewer cesareans in the first place because Aspirus Keweenaw hospital now has birth tubs and allows water births
If you want water birth for your birth, check to see if your hospital (or have your low-risk baby at home with a provider you feel confident in and trust) or birth center has this option. If they don't, Water Birth International will actually help YOU as an individual work with the hospital to see if it can happen.

Waterbirth, when a mother chooses this option, can be a great way to avoid an epistiotomy, according to this Swiss study. The same study found waterbirth to have the least amount of blood loss by the mother and fewer painkillers used (the water helps decrease the level of pain mama is feeling during labor). Further, Apgar scores were highest for waterbirth babies, and no cases of babies aspirating the water or having other complications.

Think about your birth plan early on - it really can shape your early parenting experience.

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