Sunday, July 8, 2012

Try split pants out for Elimination Communication

EC Wear, one of this blog's sponsors, has an opportunity for families to try out their new split pants design at  a discounted rate!

ECWear  is looking for testers of the new design, which means after trying them out they will ask for your feedback. Once you do so, you'll get $5 back in store credit! They offer a great variety of products for your EC needs, including trainers for young toddlers! We had a hard time finding undies for our 10 month old and we luckily were able to travel to India to buy some, but not everyone is able to do that. I've picked up more since then, especially padded ones for "oops" instances, and those are something you need a specialized store, like ECWear to really find that! Most stores in the US only have undies for kids starting in 3T now! Even their 2T, generally says 2T/3T, which doesn't help for a skinny 2 year old even.

Split pants are great for keeping the legs covered but still having quick access to potty!

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Meleakua said...

Awesome!! Thanks so much- that's a lovely deal they have going on! I'm definitely heading over there right now- I have been wanting to try out split pants with our little ec'er for a long time now!! Wonderful! :) Hope they don't need too much 'perfecting'! :D