Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fire safe peanut butter, tuna fish and deli turkey, oh my

Okay, so you're making peanut butter cookies and add the peanut butter... so you must be EXTREMELY happy when you find out they won't be catching on fire, right?

Considering something other than the PB&J this school year?

Oh wait, can't guarantee it, but apparently we have to petition the government to not allow fire retardants in our food? But can we if the issue is that the fire retardants are EVERY where and making thus making their way into every day food items?

We know the risks of fire retardants such as BRFs and PBDE include "damage reproductive systems and cause deficits in motor skills, learning, memory and hearing, as well as changes in behavior" (EWG.org), but well... HBCD another fire retardant, which is pending/proposed BAN in Europe is currently found in some peanut butters.

WHY THE HECK (pardon my non-French) would we need fire retardants in a food? No one quite knows. In fact, the state of California, which is known to some-what lead the way in making sure their residents are at least aware of cancer-causing agents (after all, what is known to cause cancer to the State of California... probably doesn't stop at the border into the other states and leave the carcinogens behind!), is looking more deeply into fire retardants, and you should too!

The fire retardants were also found in such foods as tuna fish, deli-sliced turkey, and some other fatty foods. It seems these chemicals are leaching and storing in fat since it is a fat-soluble chemical.

Lovely. Do your best to avoid these chemicals in your daily life and support legislation that limits these, and other dangerous chemicals.

Fire retardants are found mostly in furniture, including crib mattresses, kid's clothing, car seats, electronics and more.

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Meleakua said...

This is one of the many reasons why I choose organic for myself & my family~ and am working on an organic garden in the yard, too!! Crazy!! Oh, by the way~ what is in that food tray?! :D It looks like berries & melons cut in cute shapes.. great idea :) Beans, too? Just curious~ I'm always thinking ahead about healthy food ideas for my son! :)