Monday, June 4, 2012

Night weaning a two year old - part two and three

So we've made it a few more days and I failed to update you on how this attempt to night wean is going.

First, I'm a full believer in the benefits to both children and mom in extended breastfeeding. The data is there, no major medical group has an upper age recommendation on breastfeeding limitations, etc. It just IS. Babies are born with immature immune systems and breastfed kids have lower rates of catching the flu/cold, etc as well as major childhood illnesses such as cancer.

So, with that all said, a big EXHALE. My son is now two and I'm ready for a night's sleep. So, we are gently and as respectfully as we can, nightweaning our 25 month old. Night two went better than night one. Again, my husband was very involved in keeping my son consoled. He's had a cough since we went to a cabin almost 4 weeks ago and it is waking him at night. When he wakes at night from coughing we're using some homeopathic medicine that includes some elderberry (read this NIH article, it works!) so it helps him, but in that waking moment he really wants mama and mama has milk. So while I'm in my daughter's room, my husband is taking care of our son, gently and lovingly. It has involved reminding him who is sleeping.

And just to remind you, my son is a comedian. The first time I told him that "it is night time, everyone's sleeping..." he stopped me dead in my tracks and said "munny mow (what he calls our cat, marathi for kitty basically) not sleeping" - yep. he got me: Cat's don't sleep at night. But you can't really go into what nocturnal means to a 2 year old in the middle of the night, can you?!

My husband also takes him outside for calm and less stuffy air. There's just no humidity here and with the AC blowing in it is even drier and he has that night time cough going on.

Sleeping like a baby again? I hope!

Night three I believe I slept for possibly 5 hours straight. I don't remember the last time that happened. My husband indicated my son did wake up but I didn't hear them so my son is transitioning to falling to sleep more without nursing. However, the cough was still the thing waking him.

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