Monday, June 4, 2012

Night weaning a toddler, gently - Night 4

I've read a few sites and some books on weaning. I really do want to do this as gently as possible. Again, breastfeeding shouldn't be stressful. We've made it two years and at night, I really need a bit more sleep. I will always ensure my kids are responded to as best as we can 24 hours a day.

So night 4 I stayed up a bit later than I should have (midnight) on a work night (I get up at 6 am). I went into bed after both kids nursed and were down and sawing logs for a bit.

Around 3:30 am (I found later) I heard my son SOBBING. I immediately ran to the other side of the house and listened for a second to see if I heard my husband with him. I drank some water, didn't hear anything from the door and walked in. I should have known. Of course my husband was with him. He felt defeated obviously - he was doing his best and I came in to play "supermom" - I comforted my son a bit and let my husband take back over. We all went outside because my son's night cough does a bit better without the AC drying him out and my son calmed down. We went back inside and my two year old wanted my comfort still. So, I snuggled with him and my husband went to the other room so he could get some sleep as well. I successfully was able to get my son to sleep without nursing him. A lot of cuddles (he wouldn't let go of my shirt) and patting his head gently. He asked to nurse and I reminded him that my dudhs (dudh is milk in Marathi, so that's what we call them) were sleeping and he cried a bit and I kissed his tears and he went to sleep for the night.

In the morning I was busy when he woke (working) and so he didn't nurse upon waking either. The issue came though later that day when I realized when driving both kids to swim class (around 4 pm) that no one had nursed on one side for around 20 hours. I had shooting pain (and still slightly do, though I tried to nurse more on that side this evening) and likely am facing a clogged duct. It is slightly painful. Hopefully it all is better soon and it doesn't turn to mastitis.

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