Monday, June 11, 2012

Night weaning continues - night 6

As chronicled earlier (start here for night 1), we are attempting to night wean our two year old. Night weaning is tough, even for a two year old. I don't believe in Ferber or sleep training, but I do believe that sleep is important.

In nights 1-5 I slept outside of the room my son was sleeping in (we're a room-sharing family), but since he wasn't past the area of needing mama, I decided I'd try being in room with him, co-sleeping.

My son fell asleep around 9:30, not entirely by nursing. We figured it may assist if he doesn't have the smell of milk on him at sleep (some of my friends swear by this). However, he woke first around midnight. I patted him to sleep and he was back down within a few minutes. He kept near me and kept reaching out to me, hugging and squeezing me and wanting to make sure he had contact with part of me through the night. He woke a few times through the night, each time going to sleep without nursing.

However, I'm not sure if he got more sleep than with my husband or not. He didn't fully wake at all, and didn't cry out too much, but he was restless.

Continue to part 7. One week in on night weaning.

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