Monday, June 11, 2012

Night weaning a 2 year old - one week in

Since our son wasn't sleeping better with me in room, we decided to go back to my husband taking care of our son at night. Night seven could be the charm in night weaning, right?

If you're new to these posts, please start at night one of night weaning.

Wrong. Again, he was up for around 90 minutes in the middle of the night. At first I came to the door to make sure my husband was up with him (I heard him across the house, calling out for mama... it can be heart breaking!).

This was another night of him not falling asleep at the breast, so I think we've ruled out not having dudh/nursing before bed as the culprit for night waking. At this point, I can say he definitely likes having mama nearby at night AND he can get back to bed without nursing, BUT he's not sleeping consistently at night. He is doing the medical definition of sleep through the night (6 hours), but he's waking at around 6 hours of sleep for my husband and up for a while before heading back to sleep.

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Jamie said...

I just found a partial bottle of calms forte if you want to give it a shot :)