Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Night weaning a 2 year old, nights 8-9

Night weaning my toddler continues. We are attempting to gently night wean him and at this point are past the Dr. Gordan's three night magic trick... If you are seeing this blog for the first time, you may want to start in night weaning, night one.

I bundled nights 8 and 9 together for a simple reason - both nights I was "out" at bed time (scrapbooking on night 8 and movies with the husband on night 9). Yes, attached parents can find the balance and have a sitter (we actually have live in care of an au pair) - recommended more when the bond has been established and with a trusted caregiver, but, yes it does happen.

Both nights included not nursing to sleep and daddy helping support our 2 year old through the night. Again, my husband commented that it was around 3 am when sleep could not longer sustain and up they were. Each night, my son tends to wake at around 3 am. I did hear him on night 9 and he wasn't calling to nurse, but crying for me.

Since my husband has to travel this week, I know that I'll be supporting him at night. 

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Camille Griffiths said...

Good luck on continued progress and I hope your clogged duct is better! When I night-weaned my daughter, I let her sleep with me all night, and just pat her back when she would want to nurse. I'd lay on my stomach so she couldn't get to my "nursies" lol. It took a few tantrums but then she got it. Then I put her back to sleeping alone in her bed and voila, sleeping through the night! Though it's a year later, sometimes she still wakes up in the early morning hours for water or to sneak into my bed hahah.

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