Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Night 10 of nightweaning, and the cold sets in

Night weaning when your kiddo has a cold is not fun. Small colds is why my daughter, who was originally night weaned during my pregnancy at around 23 months... still night nursed when she turned 4 earlier this year.

If this is your first time hitting this blog, start at night weaning, night one.

So, when my son's cold got worse with a bit of fever, I immediately thought, "OH CRAP, We'll have to do all THIS again!" Why even night wean if it'll just be cyclical? So my husband determined that I'd be with my son and we'll (um, I'll) need to nurse him AND the next day he'd be leaving on a business trip so RE-night weaning would have to wait past the cold.


This is not the reason we night wean. We do not night wean to redo it. We need consistency!

My son nursed to sleep. I cuddled with him, he held tightly to my shirt wrapped his leg around me and wouldn't let me go.


he did not want to nurse!

Can you imagine? He woke a few times to veirfy I was still next to him, but did NOT ask to nurse!

WOOOHOOO! Could this be night weaning success?

On to night eleven of night weaning a toddler.

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Jamie said...

Sounds very promising!!