Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Night 16 of night weaning a toddler, gently

We're over the "hump" and it has been a few nights since we've had issues with night nursing, but we still have the issue of my son avoiding sleep at a some-what decent hour. I'd love to be a radical unschooling family, but that just doesn't work for us.

If you're here for the first time, start at night one of gently night weaning a two year old.

I had hoped to see some friends after a week without my husband's help to hopefully unwind (after all, attached moms need MNO as well!). But it just didn't come to fruition. My husband was still sporting his residual illness so we headed out for chinese - he had soup and I had something with mango. Either way, we made it back home around 9 pm, and the stroller was gone (Yes, I'm anti stroller for newborns, but our au pair is great with night time walks for the kids) which meant our kids were with our au pair to probably go on what my son likes to call a 'train ride.'

She arrived back with TWO sleeping kids. YAY! My son was asleep at a decent hour!

We were able to get to bed early as well though my son took over my spot in the bed instead of his bed, and it was musical beds at 3 am, but night nursing didn't happen.

Could this be it? How long do we have to not night nurse to call it officially night weaned?

On to night 17.

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muppet said...

Melatonin. Sprouts has a liquid version where one dropperful is 3 mg. each dropperful has 30 drops. I give my son one drop