Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Night 15 of Gently Night weaning a toddler

And here we are... my lovely husband is back from his work trip, I nursed the toddler accidentally at night and we have to see... are we starting over, or can we all just pretend it didn't happen?

If you're new to this series, start at night one.

Here's the bigger situation... my husband came back with the nasty cold that got me earlier in the week, which meant, he came home wanting to sleep... and I wanted help putting the kids to bed. Guess who won? Hint: it wasn't me!

But, our 4 year old went down pretty easily, but like the other nights, the 2 year old decided it was play time until after 10 pm. When he finally went to sleep, I nursed him down then put him into the toddler bed. I then went into our daughter's room.

Come 3 am... It was musical bed time. However, 2 year old went back to sleep without nursing! He asked, but he didn't nurse and it wasn't much complaining. Really a minute, maybe two of back patting and he was back to sleep until morning!

On to night sixteen!

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