Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Yooper Speech and How I love prepositions

Not entirely parenting related, but it comes up at our house often enough that it probably is a topic of discussion that has to do with ed-u-ma-cation of kiddos. I'm originally from Michigan. Rural Michigan... to be more exact, I'm a Yooper.  As in 5 hours to Green Bay and 8+ hours to Detroi(t).  I was in 11th grade when I found out "yous" (as in Yous guys, like the Southern "ya'll) wasn't proper English. I also speak with tons of ending prepositions. I may even type like .

So when this lovely blog showed up in my facebook feed, I had to read along and determine that, even though most of this has to do with Troll-speak, I do most of these as well. I am working hard to say waTer and not wadder, and that was due to a friend I have here in Phoenix (from Pennsylvania). I heard her say "waTer" and was like WOW, that's a cool way to say H20!

More yooperish would be saying "eh" at the end of each sentence, and possibly adding in a few extra snow words (chook, pank, etc)

Since attachment parenting has a lot to do with aware parenting, I do attempt to be more conscious of how I say what I say. I don't want my kids to get to 11th grade to find out that mountains isn't proncounced "mau-ins," as I say it... still :)

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