Sunday, April 15, 2012

So what's with placenta eating

As I recently posted, I did eat my placenta. I did find that it was a pick me up on days when I felt a bit down. Due to cost concerns, I ate my placenta in a smoothie and honestly I could not taste it. I used Trader Joes' mixed berries (frozen, in a bag), mixed with some bananas and a chunk or two of placenta.

Honestly, I couldn't taste it and because it was blended in my very low-tech not top of the line blender... if you were to (safely) do the same, I doubt you'd notice taste or texture.

Some of my friends have had theirs dehydrated, ground and placed into gel capsules to take like any other pill. Others have had chocolate made, while I have heard of people cooking it and making a "dinner" out of it.

Really, if you're reading this and are pregnant, at least consider it if you have a history of depression or worried about the baby blues. Even if you aren't quite sure... honestly what do you have to lose? Sure, you can likely check the NIH archives for research on this topic and I'm sure you won't find much, if anything. After all, unless we start marketing placentas like foreskin to drug (in foreskin case, mostly cosmetic) manufacturers, there likely will not be money to research the benefits of placenta consumption. So if you're worried about energy levels or depression, perhaps this may help you out, maybe it won't... You may never know!

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