Friday, April 13, 2012

Giveaway and Review: Copy-Kids Eat your Fruits and Vegetables

Peer pressure works. We know this, the wonderful people behind Copy-Kids eat fruits and veggies have come up with a "duh why didn't I think of that" concept - kids watching kids eat veggies... cause kids to eat veggies.

I will first disclose that YES, my kids do eat veggies. But, my almost 2 year old has become more picky each day and is full of the word, "no." When I opened up the movie and saw that it was basically 12 sessions (each 7 minutes) of watching kids eat various veggies, I thought there was no way my 4 year old would last - after all, she had just requested to watch a different show. However, once I put it on, both of my kids watched the show... AND ate vegetables. Without saying anything, I put a bowl of raw carrots and broccoli in a bowl. The first session was kids eating peppers. My daughter was eating broccoli. I found a bell pepper, sliced it up, put it in the bowl... both kids went for the pepper. Soon I had to bring out another bowl for more veggies. By the second chapter, my 4 year old was fully engrossed, asking questions about the kids (mostly how old they were), and requesting various fruits and veggies to watch (and then eat). My son was also interested and ate more than his share of snack!

I'd say this was a hit. Subliminal messaging for a non-veggie eater or just fun alternative to cartoons if mom needs a few minutes to say... wipe up a mess or fold some laundry... No guilt in this, right!

Eat your: Apples – Avocado – Banana – Bell Pepper – Blueberries – Broccoli – Carrots – Cucumber – Orange – Raspberries – Strawberries – Tomato

After the kids watched 10 out of the 12, I went to the extras and was happy to see an interview with Dr. Jay Gordon, confirming what we know - kids need veggies to grow strong and not only do WE need to be role models, but we also need to start it young and be consistent.

See a trailer here and know that if you don't win the giveaway below... You can order your own with confidence!


Dr. Toy:


Disclosure Statement: The views here are my own. While I was given a free copy of the DVD to review and one to use as a giveaway, it in no way influenced my opinion or views posted here.
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stacie said...

my favorite vegetable is seriously a tie between broccoli and asparagus.

Amanda MacMahon said...

what is even more crazy... my son woke from his nap and asked for bell peppers! :)

Shayne said...

Declan has been known to snack on onions , he'll come and snag some from the counter when I'm cooking.. but he doesn't care for them after I cook them.. lol

Amanda McMahon said...

New Copy-Kids giveaway posting tomorrow... also includes a $25 gift card to WHOLE FOODs!

Tatiana said...

How fun! I know a few people who would love this dvd for their kids.

Briana Hernandez said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Briana Hernandez said...

I just wanted to say thank you for the gift card and @Copy-Kids DVD! We just got it yesterday and LOVE it! Thank you SO much!

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