Saturday, April 21, 2012

Great Cloth Diaper Change - Phoenix - Midwives Rising!

 Thank you to Midwives Rising for use of their lovely and
super accessible location!
This morning at 9:30 am local time we helped (hopefully) break a world record. Our gathering gave us 30 adult/child pairs and raised money toward the Real Diaper Association and also awareness through the Great Cloth Diaper Change.

We met at Midwives Rising in central Phoenix and I swear it was before the sun rose, but I guess it wasn't - it just felt that way! Vendors appeared to be happy. To help ensure that their support was not left unnoticed, we encouraged participants to visit vendors and get signatures - five signatures gave participants an extra entry into the raffles.

Awaiting instructions. Photo courtesy of Dr. Becky Kleckner

Getting into position. Note the tulle roped off area and the 3TV news van!

Getting ready to change. Photo courtesy of Dr. Becky Kleckner

In all we had 30 successful changers. We had more pre-registered, but life happens... we had enough to count as an official site. The news stopped by and if we get a spot tonight (or later), that means more people know that cloth diapers ARE still used and a great alternative to more trash!

Happy Earth Day!

Feel free to link your GCDC comments/pages and I"ll add them here!

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