Sunday, April 22, 2012

Another reason Nestle Kills babies - Pfizer deal, tainted baby food

The latest in Nestle's attempts to take over the world with their unhealth is apparent in their $11 billion deal with Pfizer. Pfizer? Yes, Pfizer, the drug company currently has the 5th corner in baby food in the world while Nestle's share of the market in China is dwindling due to tainted formula a few years back. In this "baby food" count is breast milk alternatives. So while Nestle continues to burden the world with their attempts to create a "second view" on the necessity of breastmilk, they are buying back some customers with this potential deal. Nestle already has top shares in the breastmilk alternative business... This deal will only increase the marketing that Nestle does that is clearly against the World Health Organization ( WHO ) Code for marketing of breastmilk alternatives. Nestle already has 17 percent share of the $27 billion (yes BILLION) market... do we really need an increased market for the unhealth brand?

I just love this quote at the bottom of the Bloomberg article: "Global sales of baby-food products are likely to gain 6 percent a year from 2011 to 2016, helped by low private-label penetration and the importance of infant nutrition to consumers, according to Euromonitor." Lovely, right?! Importance of infant nutrition would be to get more support for women to breastfeed for 6 months exclusively and 12-24 months with outside food. That would save lives. That would bring up nutrition in infants.

If you're interested in helping babies get the right nutrition, become a member of your local La Leche League. Mother to mother support really works.

Nestle kills babies and doesn't care what tactics they need to use. Boycott Nestle, protect baby's health.

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