Thursday, April 19, 2012

Do one thing for Earth Day - Less Trash, Better for Babes

Less trash, better for baby, cloth better for environment
Cloth diapers for a better environment this earth day, April 22, 2012
Have a non-potty learned child? Struggling with emptying the diaper pail at a too constant pace? Considering options to show your family how important the Earth Day? You can volunteer for earth day from home!

I invite you to consider "one less" diaper for Earth Day. What does this mean? It means either using one cloth diaper on Earth Day or going diaper free for a time period. Not only will this help you see how often your baby is peeing, but it will mean one less plastic diaper sitting in the landfill for an extremely long period of time.
Since, most commercial diapers use toxic bleach to make the paper diapers white, on top of the overall processing to create the poop catcher.

If you are already using cloth, consider more diaper-free time and consider practicing elimination communication. Since we know there is an impact on the environment due to washing diapers, one less a day may mean one less load a month. Diaper free time may not be the best for your couch, but it is great for airing out stinky diaper bottoms! Real Diapers for Real Babies, the tag line for the Real Diaper Association and a gentle reminder this Earth Week.

We're just a few days away from the Great Cloth Diaper Change as well!

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