Thursday, April 19, 2012

Attached Parents Care about the Earth

With Earth Day coming up on Sunday, many people are making a conscious effort to cut back on waste or perhaps volunteer to clean up a park. But, living with the Earth is a day-to-day activity - it IS life.

When we think of how we can change the earth, we need to actually change how we think. We need to instead think of how we can keep the earth as-is. That "as-is" condition may not be great when you're buying second hand (which, of course is GREAT for the Earth), but when we continue to modify the Earth, we have to realize there are long-term consequences.

A few thoughts:
- plant a tree that is natural to the area
- stop using Round-Up and pull weeds instead
- Plant organic and heirloom seeds in your back yard or patio
- fight against GMOs
- support local businesses and CSAs.
- take a walk at night when your child is having difficulties sleeping - fresh air is great for the lungs and MUCH better than a drive (and carseat-time for infants should be minimized)
- buy used
- buy organic
- breastfeed
- eat vegetarian more often

And just BE!

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Meleakua said...

.. or instead of using pesticides... EAT your weeds!! :) dandelion is so good for you~ i love chopping the leaves in salads and potato dishes.. and purlsane grows rampant in my yard too and is probably one of my favorite foods!!